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About Taalsen

Has it ever occurred to you that you could learn from one of the greatest legendary tabla players of this time ? The blissful opportunity is here ! With the launch of the Taalsen app one can directly learn from the maestro, Pandit Subhankar Banerjee.

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Amazing Features

Taalsen music learning app has rich features.this app makes music learning easy to common people.

Step by step learning

taalsen app guides you with easy step-by-step learning process

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submit your video recordings and get feedback from Pt Subhankar Banerjee

Interactive Tutorials

Carefully crafted each lessons for all level students

In Depth Lesson

app offers exhaustive choice of traditional & authentic learning methods of tabla.


Amazing interface

Easy to understand interface for diversion free learning

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Student Stories

Personal stories of taalsen from around the world, sharing experiences during their journey into learning tabla

WOW...what an excellent new year Gift from PT Subhankar Banerjee....this learning platform will definitely help all students accross the globe to get a feel of face to face learning from Panditji. The content quality and performance of App is amazing and truly enjoyable.
5.0 taalsen app


Fantastic app for the distant learners and those who cannot manage time to come to such a legendary maestro. Moreover the expense of learning is comparatively low.
5.0 taalsen app


Wow it's a great experience to learning tabla directly from the great guru of the world's greatest percussionist pt.Subhankar Banerjee. I am sure it will help to the learners around the globe.
5.0 taalsen app


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One of the features that makes the Taalsen app stand out is its exhaustive choice of traditional & authentic learning methods of tabla. This app helps you build the coordination between theoretical know-hows and the practical implementation. You will also learn tabla compositions like Kaida,Gat, Tukdas , Paran and many others in sections; and after mastering them, you can try the whole composition.

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Get feedback from Pandit Subhankar Banerjee by submitting video. upload video to youtube / google drive and share the link

You can watch preview of the course which is free


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